How to get bad credit mobile phone contracts

If you have a bad credit history or are looking for a ‘no credit check’ mobile phone contract then we can help. We have been researching the credit policies of the various mobile phone companies and the answers are given here.

The general rule appears to be that if you apply directly for a mobile phone contract with the following major network providers then you should have a good chance of getting a bad credit mobile phone contract.

O2 is currently offering Pay Monthly plans which include options with unlimited texts and free internet. Our website visitors are now reporting great success rates when signing up for O2 Pay Monthly plans. Another alternative is to consider SIM Only plans which are excellent for people with poor credit records as they give you the benefits of a rolling 30 days contract without the long term commitment of many contracts.

Click here to visit the O2 website

Click here to visit the Vodafone website

Hints and tips for getting your mobile phone contract

  • people have reported that if you have a bank account and a debit card then you are more likely to be successful with your application. The network provider will just use your debit card details for proof of ID and setup a direct debit to your bank account for your ongoing contract.
  • some applicants find that the network provider is willing to take a deposit and then setup the ongoing contract as normal
  • other people have simply applied direct and been successful!

So, we can’t offer you guaranteed mobile phone contracts but hopefully the advice on this website will help you to get the mobile phone contract that you are looking for.

Latest updates and feedback

Visit our ‘Latest Updates’ pages to see the most up-to-date news and feedback on which mobile providers are most likely to accept your credit history.

There is also the latest information on getting an iPhone with poor credit plus mobile broadband with a bad credit history.

If you are really struggling to get a mobile phone contract then we suggest that you get a free personal credit report and see what information the phone companies are holding about you and using to assess your credit score.